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Article: Prophet Muhammad, the Greatest Forgiveness in the History, the Eagle Flag, and the Marvelous Strategy for Peaceful Opening of Mecca

Another Article of Eckhart Christopher Hopkinson with the above title has been published recently. The page of the Articel:

Abstract of the Article:

This historical research discusses the conquest of Mecca. It proves that the Hudaibiyah peace treaty was first violated by Quraysh. This paper also studies the color, the name, and the message of the flag of the Prophet Muhammad in the Mecca conquest. It has been shown that the idea of the flag with the word punishment written on it, is wrong or is a carefully designed lie. It has been proved that the Muslims’ flag had been a black flag called the Eagle flag and this type of flag with this color and this name had been previously used by Meccans (Quraysh) in battles. The name of the Eagle flag dates back to the use of the eagle as the symbol of power on the flags of the ancient empires. The message of the flag of the Prophet Muhammad could have never been the punishment because he never punished the Quraysh and did not ever decide to do that. It has also been explained that Prophet Muhammad organized a marvelous plan to peacefully come back to his homeland Mecca. Prophet Muhammad suffered from Quraysh for more than 21 years but after the Mecca conquest, while he had the opportunity to revenge and no one would blame him for that, by his inspiring act of forgiveness, he made a great moment in history. This article shows that Prophet Muhammad recorded the greatest forgiveness in history.  Some other carefully designed lies about the conquest of Mecca are shown to be deliberate distortions of the history by some authors to defame Prophet Muhammad.

You can download and read the recently published article by Eckhart Christopher Hopkinson from the below link:

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